24 Hour Market

One of the biggest advantages of trading Forex is that it is a global market and hence is operational 24 hours a day. This makes it easy for any trader to make transactions at any hour regardless of the place they are at. It is also the largest market in the world related to trading. Also, it is growing by leaps and bounds every day. This is why you see so many investors trading in this market. Constant efforts are being made to popularise it further by advertising about it.

High Liquidity

Daily trading activity often exceeds an average of $4 trillion USD a day. This liquidity means that currencies can be transacted with little effort.

The transaction costs while trading Forex are comparatively less compared to other asset classes. The margin requirement of this trading is low and there are no high and low limits. Trading in Forex also offers more leverage to traders.

Easy to Start

Since the Forex market has very high liquidity. You can start with as little as $300 since favourable leverage is offered.

Non Bias

The next advantage is that this market can be accessed by anyone and most information are transparent. With larger than normal volume in the market, Inside Trading is pretty much impossible as there is no single party that controls the direction of the market.

People who have basic knowledge of Forex will definitely know that anyone who owns an internet connection can trade Forex. Thus this is one trading that uses information technology for its operations extensively. This makes it available to one and all without any restrictions.


The Forex market is also not regulated which again is advantageous for traders.

No Commission

There is no commission in particular. The term used here is spread which is the actual difference between the buy price and the sell price, this is determined during the exchange. Generally, retail traders do not have to pay brokerage commission to agents. Some brokers would charge commissions but this depends on the service provided. This amount usually very minimal.

Trading Opportunities

Because of the high liquidity and constant need for global currency trading, the market offers several high probability opportunities a day.