Can EVERYONE become a Profitable Trader?

Trade Like a Swimmer

As a trader and coach, I’ve met with many types of people who aspire to become full time traders. The truth is, many of them are still searching for the tool (or information) that can make them a better trader. On occasions where they struggle or when they go off track, doubt seems to grow inside them very quickly. These traders lose their confidence and their trading gets shaky.

On the other extreme, people who are unfamiliar to the trading world find that trading the Forex market seems like an impossible mission. In fact, they assume that most people in the industry only make a living through referrals or introductory fees. Hence, when new traders start to learn trading, many of them only ever get noises from the pessimists. While getting noises is normal, you should to learn to filter them accordingly, should you not?

Examples include: – Is trading for a living a myth? Can I make money by trading the market? Can everyone become a profitable trader? These are the commons questions that you might hear. Today, I thought I should share some of my views on this.

Can EVERYONE Become a Swimmer?

I can do itIn order to get straight to the core of my article today, I thought I would rephrase the question a little bit, and I’ll do that by asking you this instead, Can everyone become a swimmer?

Of course, some of you would ask in reply: “Is the person physically healthy and capable?”, which I think is a fair question. So let’s assume that the person is physically healthy, has all four limbs attached and is capable. Now, do you think that if everyone who meets those criteria can become a swimmer?

The chances are that you would say “YES THEY CAN.” And this makes absolute sense, right? Because anyone who is physically healthy (etc etc) has the potential to become a swimmer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking that person to jump into the pool today and hope that they can complete 50m lap, neither am I asking them to be swimming champions. The chances are, many of them will likely need a coach or a mentor to teach and guide them before it becomes a reality. A part from that, they are absolutely able to become a swimmer.

You would agree with me on this, would you not?

I honestly hope you would.

On the other hand, some people might have a phobia for water, some might fear they would run out of breath and others might just be too afraid to try. If you are one of them, then there is also the option of seeking counselling or even meeting a therapist.

You see, there are plenty of resources out there get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, if you happen to be part of the last group of people (the fearful ones), and if you have decided not to seek help, then you’ll never know if you can or if you cannot. Because, without even having the courage to TRY, you have already made a decision that you will never be able to swim.

Think about this for a moment, it is your decision, right? So is to blame when you fail to turn things around?

How can there be Paralympics Swimmers?

2011 IPC Swimming European ChampionshipsLet’s bring this another notch up. If there are people who are struggling or scared to swim, even though they are healthy with all four limbs, how can it be possible that there are Paralympics swimmers?

In fact, Izhak Mamistvalov (above) who was born with cerebral palsy, and uses his right hand only when swimming, completed the 50m freestyle event in 1 minute and 10 seconds (Source: Wikipedia).

That is an amazing achievement, isn’t it? Yea, sure, he is after all a Paralympics gold medallist, but the truth is, there are many people who cannot even complete a 50m lap swim.

The real question is how did Mamistvalov (or any of the other Paralympics swimmers) do it? Just like Sir Roger Bannister, I’m sure there has been a great amount of effort, time and energy invested before they were awarded their medals. However, I think, above and beyond that, they have the right attitude to get the job done.

Unfortunately, those of you who dare not even try to swim (or what ever activity that you have been avoiding) will probably remain where you are for a long time. Isn’t that sad? Don’t you think you might regret NOT doing what you want to do now, in the hope achieving what you want in the future?

Breaking Down the Challenge

London Paralympic Swimming TradingCan everyone become a swimmer?

As we have established, even Paralympics can swim really fast. That means, YES, everyone can be a swimmer. And in the same way, everyone can become a profitable trader as well.

You see, before any of these people could swim, I’m sure they had their struggles and I’m sure they had moments where they wanted to give up. However, not only did they overcame the negativity inside them, they also remained positive after their losses.

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to be a judge here and neither am I hear from comment about your swimming (or trading) ability. However, the fact that you are reading this now, I would like to invite you to take a step back and think about what you CAN do, if you had the attitude and mind set of these Paralympians.

I’m sure boundaries would be much further, you can achieve a lot and the results will be much more rewarding, right?

But if you truly want to make trading successful, why not start by breaking down the challenge ahead? Ask yourself:


If I was in their (the paralympians) shoes, how can I make my situations better?

How can I become a better trader?

What do I need to do (or know), so that by doing (or knowing) that, I can reach my trading goals?


Note: PAUSE for a moment and really think about the questions.


Change Your Mindset

Begin your change by first understanding the Power of the Mind, know that your mind is the most powerful asset that you have and this applies to traders, swimmers or even any other activity that you might pursue.

OF COURSE this is going to be challenging, no one said it was EASY. However, you know deep insider yourself that the key here is that everyone CAN be a profitable trader and that includes YOU, right?

Another point to remember is this, learn to stop listening to your negative self-talk and FOCUS on breaking down those challenges. Learn to ask winning questions, and until you find answers that can help you become a swimmer or trader, keep doing it.

And when you realise that you are moving forward, don’t forget why you started your journey.


Thank you for reading this article, I hope you see the relationship between a swimmer and a trader. While there are not many things in common, the one thing that stands out clearly is that some swimmers (especially the Paralympians) have the right attitude and mindset and they do not fear what is ahead of them. Instead, focus on what is important.

The law of auto-suggest rightly emphasises how one can rise their altitudes, and I genuinely believe that if you think you can, you have decided that you definitely can.


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