Don’t let the Frustration Bug Bite


Trading the money markets can be quite unpredictable and, occasionally, the market mysteriously switches from a ‘Giving’ mood into a ‘Taking’ mood and vice verse.

Amateur traders who can’t recognise the change in market conditions get very frustrated when they get hit by a few losing trades – and this is when the Frustration Bug starts to bite. These traders would start doubting their own trading strategies and would divert their attention to alternate ones. Then, they would slowly crawl outside of their normal trading routines and start trading a strategy that is not-their-norm in the hope of recovering their losses. It usually starts off with some winners but they get bitten even more when a string of losers roll in, and they go on to try something else… and something else… and (I think you get the picture).

Without realising it, the Frustration Bug is biting hard and puts a significant dent not just in their Trading Account, but also in their Trading Psychology.

Don’t Blame the Market

I know it and some of you know it. But guess what? This is exactly what amateur traders do when they are frustrated, they blame the market. They’ll find multiple reasons for their drawdowns, and it’s amazing that it’s always the markets’ fault… but never theirs.

So what’s the real problem?

Believe it or not, YOU (those who blame the market) are the problem. Yes, and I’ll say it again, you are the problem. Think about it, the market provides the same opportunities to every Trader around the world and it has no bias. However, it is YOUR decision when you enter the market.

Unfortunately, when Traders get frustrated, they have a tendency to view the market with an irrational mind a.k.a. the wrong state of mind. They start finding alternate ways to enter the market without realising that they are forcing themselves into low probability trades – essentially, they are just throwing away hard earned profits.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Like real ‘Bugs’, Frustration Bugs are part and parcel of life. These bugs will definitely continue to be a problem even if we try to terminate them once and for all. People seem to think bug insecticides have a Lifetime Warranty, so they become negligent about it until after the bugs strike again.

Well, I don’t think insecticides work like that. And instead of trying to terminate these bugs, why not focus on Bug Management or, in this case, Frustration Management? Prevention is really better than cure.

And a good place to start is AWARENESS.

Frustration is normal but being aware of your own state of mind and taking control of it is the best ‘bug insecticide’ you can find. And according to the manufacturer’s label, the ‘effects’ include having the ability to reduce/avoid catastrophic issues before it starts. This is less stressful and much easier to recover compared to cleaning the mess later.

Be A Responsible Trader

Sorry for coming out with fancy words and all but Frustration Management is pretty much another name for Emotional Management or Self Awareness. Call it what ever you like but it really pays to put more attention to your own state of mind. By doing that, you are indirectly taking responsibility of your own emotions and are en-route to becoming a responsible trader.

I’m sure everyone has their own little way of managing their own emotions and I’ll not go into the details. Which ever way you do it, please DO IT, manage your own emotions and your Trading Account will manage itself.

If you think you’re struggling then go read a book about it, talk to people or, if necessary, go seek professional help.

Anyway, that’s all on bugs and I hope you get the message.


Thank you and happy trading!!


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