Earn Through a Managed Account

After working and coaching many traders, I often conclude that some traders should genuinely stop trading. However I understand that it can be difficult especially if you have poured in all your hard earned money. The ego profile is persistent and it keeps your trading. Hence, I've decided to introduce alternatives.


Because I believe that you can still earn while you are learning. And if you are not meant to become a trader, learn to accept it. And after years of searching, I've finally found one group of managed accounts that deserves my attention.

If you just started to trade, still learning how to trade or, for whatever reasons, you have decided to invest in another vehicle, then I sincerely invite you to consider the following alternatives.


Portfolio 1 - GM1

We trade in our segregated fund manager account with fund invested by our investing clients.

We are full time professional trader which are experienced in trading precious metals in the leveraged market.

With 35 millions U.S. dollars of super-fund as our capital to trade and invest against the Gold instrument with top tiers broker and liquidity. As trading Gold instrument requires higher margin for execution and maintain position in a leveraged market, humongous amount of fund is needed as capital to safe trade without getting our capital liquidated. Therefore, we combine capital among us and snowballed into a huge capital that allow us to consistently profit from the Gold market.

As an experienced trader team, we are well grounded in both in fundamental and technical market analysis techniques and our trading experience includes: Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex, Options and Commodities. Utilizing our trading knowledge and educational background, we have developed strategic trading in precious metals market especially in Gold through the maze of financial markets. We are committed traders in gold futures, developing better accuracy of buying gold contracts, applying our trading mechanism to generate profits by minimizing the loss.

Read more here.

Portfolio 2 - GM2

Similar to GM1. See the difference here.

Portfolio 3 - MSP

MSP is a unique vehicle in the sense that it earns its profit from the spread. Yes, that's what I said. The fund managers earns a commission from the high spread and shares it with the investors. Unlike the traditional trading funds which only aims to increase its pips, this account aims to do both. Hence, as soon as their trade moves beyond its breakeven point, they are already in profit due to the.

At the time of writing this (Dec 2016), the fund only trades the EURUSD pair. They did trade GBPUSD, GBPJPY and USDJPY in the past but it is infrequent.

I've deliberately picked this contradictory fund in order to diversify from the normal trading funds. Personally, I prefer this because this lowers the risk required to generate income. While the risk is not any lower, the ability to generate income is faster. Just to be clear, the drawdowns can be quite substantial in this portfolio.

Trading Results

Fund Performance Summary for 12 months ending 31 March 2017 - See here.

Live Results for GM1 - See here.

Live Results for MSP - See here.


GM1 is most conservative followed by GM2. While GM2 and MSP yields similar ROI, GM2 requires USD 10,000 to start (MSP only requires USD 100). Also, GM2 has lower drawdown percentages compared to MSP.



How to apply? Click here to apply directly. OR you may contact me here if you have any questions.


Disclosure: Just to be clear, I do NOT work for TFXI or GM Traders, neither do I represent them. I do receive a small commission for referral (my referral ID is 1232172). I'm referring them only because I have personally invested in them to test their results. After my research, I believe they are worth looking at. Please do your own homework before you make a decision. Invest only if you have spare money. Don't invest if don't like the drawdowns or risk profile. 


Hi Alwin,

After taking your course I felt more confident in trading now. Your course is so attractive that once I started I just kept going till the very end without much delay! The contents are easy to understand because you present them in such a logical way. You teach how to trade rather than introducing some software for trading! There are many books and courses on forex available in the market, but I believe yours is one of the best.

Most importantly you have a good heart helping others making money.

Many thanks

Eng Ong, Sydney, Australia

Thank's Alwin.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the course too, have been studying trading for a little while now and your course has already clearly explained numerous things I was previously unsure of.

Same goes for both your Pullback and Price Action books too, which are how I came across your course initially.

Thanks again


Gary Allen, London, United Kingdom