EURUSD & AUDUSD – Keeping A Close Eye

Hi Readers,

This is just to let you know that I’m keeping a close eye on these pairs. As mentioned on my weekly commentary, there are some nice opportunities coming up on the majors though we’re not quite there yet.

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  • EURUSD – I’ve love to see a pullback to the old support level which is now the new resistance – around purple box.

I’m a big fan of crowd behaviour and I’m sure the world is watching this, so the more traders watch this, the more likely it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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  • AUDUSD – This pair is slowly crawling upwards and it’s wedging nicely towards the Weekly trendline. This also coincides with the 78.2 Fib level – around purple box.

My preference will be the EURUSD trade but I’m not going to predict what the future holds for me. As my coach use to tell me, we are hunters hunting for good trades, so don’t rush into it unless the set up is perfect. With that, I’ll just be keeping a close eye.

Thank you for reading and happy trading!


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