Five Tips to Level up your Forex Trading


In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable – Robert Arnott

Forex trading is risky. You can’t win the game on your terms. You have to do something different – something that other investors aren’t doing.

Every moment in the market is unique, and anything can happen. So, plan your moves, manage your risks and handle your money well. You should have enough capital to turn a losing spree into a winning spree.

Here are some more tips that’ll help you develop a successful forex trading strategy:

Manage your Money

It’s obvious that you want to make profits as soon as possible, but the most vital thing is to stay in the game. There are two basic and must-follow rules associated with money management. One; make sure that you have sufficient trading capital for 40 trades. Secondly; don’t risk more than 3% of your trading capital in each trade.

Utilize Stop Loss

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is not utilizing stop loss in your trades. There’s no downside of putting a top loss, so why not implement it? Putting a stop loss makes you consider your successful and unsuccessful trades’ ratio and helps in keeping your money in your pocket. This should be a strict rule that you should adhere to.

Handle your Emotions

Trading can bring with it a host of emotions. Depression, anxiety, stress, excitement – you can be on a roller coaster of emotions while trading! But what’ll make you a great and successful trader is how you handle these emotions. Don’t let it influence your decisions, ever.

Be Wary of Leverage

Leverage can be very beneficial for earning substantial profits, but they can be devastating if you suffer a loss. Keeping the chances and probability of losing a trade, don’t use too much leverage while forex trading.

Avoid Over Trading

Over trading is a clear sign of a trader trading in the forex market with no plan. Decide how much you want to trade in a day and stick to the plan. Don’t enter into additional trades even if your current trade is in profit. Stay calm and invest only as much as you can afford.

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