Free Introduction to Forex Trading

Welcome to our Beginner’s corner. The purpose of this section is designed to give you a high level overview of what Trading or Forex Trading is all about. The FREE introduction to Forex Trading pages is a Trading 101 course to get you up to speed to Trading and the Forex Market.

Introduction to Forex – Lessons and Syllabus:

financial-markets (2)Lesson 1: What is Trading?

Lesson 2: When to Trade Forex?

Lesson 3: What is Forex Trading?

Lesson 4: What is Fundamental Analysis?

Lesson 5: What is Technical Analysis?

Lesson 6: Advantages of Trading Forex

Lesson 7: What is Price Action?

Lesson 8: How to Read Price Action?

Lesson 9: What are the Currency “Terms”?

Lesson 10: What is a “PIP”?

Lesson 11: Who Trades Forex?

Lesson 12: False Myths of Forex Trading

Lesson 13: Why Is Trading Psychology Important?

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