How to Build Winning Beliefs? – Part 1 – Belief Cycles


Ever wondered why some people keep winning and why some people rarely wins? Ever thought there are certain people in society that were born to be wealthy while others are just not meant to be? If you have, I bet someone in the past must have told you that this is what they call Fate or Destiny. And some say it’s down to luck.

If you have been told that you don’t belong in a certain elite group of people or even if you were told that you were not born to be successful, then please read this carefully. Because, and fortunately for you today, I hope to help you wake up from all these non-sense and hope that you will realise that all these saddening and discouraging tales are just BS (apologies for my language).

On the days that you were down or sad, some people might have used some of the words above to console you. Unfortunately, they unintentionally installed a limiting belief (see related article) in you and told you stories that made you think that you were not born to be a winner.

With that, let’s see I can help you unwind some of these limiting beliefs and learn how to install winning beliefs in you.

Belief Cycle

Winning Belief Cycle

First thing first, if you want to work on your beliefs, the first thing to do is to understand how your mind works. The (winning) belief cycle is the basic mechanism of the mind because it determines whether you will be successful or not.

In order to keep things simple, I’ll use the analogy of driving a car.

Positive Beliefs

When you first started to learn to drive a car (assuming you now have a driving licence), you were absolutely convinced that driving a car was possible. While no one ever told you that you will drive a car one day, the chances are you would have seen a car being driven in town, on the TV or even in Formula 1.  More than that, you have seen a car being driven since a very young age and before you even realised it, being driven in a car was part and parcel of you life (for some people at least).

You see, since a young age, the belief that you can drive a car was already installed in your belief cycle and you know you can do it – I call this positive belief. In fact, the only question you have is “When” you will get your license instead of “If”you will get your license. Can you see the difference in attitude?

Education and Research

So the day came when you were ready to start learning to drive. For some people, they were very excited while it was more dramatic for others. Either way, you start searching for a driving school and you start asking around or asking your families, friends or even relatives on the things that you need to know about driving.

Because this is a natural process, it is not obvious that it is how the mind works.  When you have a have a positive belief inside you, you will automatically enquire about it because the belief inside you makes you curious about doing it and it makes you hungry for information. You start asking the how, what, when and why questions just to satisfy the urge in your belief cycle.


Subsequently, you will take action by attending the driving or theory classes to educate yourself with the right knowledge to drive. Some pass the theory test at the first attempt but some don’t.

If you do pass the theory test, you signed up for the driving classes and you are officially a ‘L’ driver. Great news because you have taken the first step to what seems like a life long dream of driving a car on your own. After a substantial amount of driving lessons, you proceed to take your driving test. Again, some pass at the first attempt but some don’t.


If you didn’t pass the driving test at the first attempt, then you take it again. However, it doesn’t matter because your belief inside you knows that you will get there eventually. So you keep doing it until you pass. In fact, each time you resit the driving test, you’re given a break down of your results showing you what went right or wrong.

Feeding your Beliefs

Once you pass your driving test, you know you are a licensed driver. More importantly, the license (or result) feeds back into your belief and you are capable of driving on your own. That feeds back into more research and more actions in relation to driving E.g. Road trips etc.

The Importance of the Cycle

self-confidenceCan you see the relationship in each category within the Belief Cycle? In case you didn’t, they all feed from one category into another. One cannot do without the other and you can’t jump from one category into another without going through the correct order. Above and beyond that, a winning belief relies not just in one cycle but it requires multiple Belief-Research-Action-Results cycles. The more loops you can get, the stronger the beliefs.

The beauty of the belief cycle is that it brings out the best in you. For example:

  • It makes you hungry for information
  • It makes you take action
  • It pushes you to take the first step in everything you do
  • It gives you the “can do” attitude because you know you will get there eventually
  • It gives you the confidence in your own capabilities

Now, imaging if you were to apply the same belief cycle in your trading. When do you think you can be as great as Warren Buffett or George Soros (Remember that the only question you have is “When” and not “If” you will get there any more)?

Part 2

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