Learn to Find Your Inner Peace in Trading

Trading Peace

More often than not, I find myself meeting new traders who like the adrenaline of trading the financial market. Of course that is not unexpected, trading the financial market is a high risk activity and the nature of it is enough to attract many risk-takers into this industry.

In fact, I was one of them  when I started. When I was still learning to trade, I used to find trade set ups that had adrenaline built into it. A divergence on a 5 min chart on the EURUSD was one of my favourites, while it was not the smallest timeframe, it was small enough to accommodate the spreads and not get burnt (that was my amateuristic assumption back then). However, as you can imagine, that did not last long. In fact, that burnt my emotional and financial account quite a bit.

After that experience, I had to learn how to unwind (and clear) those negative emotions and energy within myself and to readjust my state of mind. In other words, I had to learn to find the inner peace within myself in trading before I managed to developed further. Hence, I would like to share with you some of the lessons I learnt and hopefully you too will be able to achieve trading success.

Understanding Inner Peace

In order for you to fully achieve Inner Peace in trading, the very first thing you need is to know what it means to Have inner peace.

My definition of it is this – Inner peace can be an emotion or a feeling that you have within you when you have calmness, confidence and certainty all at the same time. Some people need to see it, some people need to hear and some people need to feel it before they have inner peace.

Therefore, I invite you to find out what Inner Peace truly means to YOU. Because this is a very personal thing, there is no right or wrong answer. I cannot explain to you what it means nor can I describe it to you since only you will know it. However, as a NLP coach, I can guide you to achieve that.  But before we get there, here are some simple ways you can find out what that means.

  • Trading Inner PeaceHow do you feel when you are most comfortable? How do you know when you feel that?
  • When you’re driving a car, how to you know when to step on the brake? Do you think about it consciously? You do realise that those are unconscious movement, don’t you? How do you feel when that happens? There is no hesitation isn’t it?
  • How do you feel when you are doing a repetitive activity? It is done without much thinking, isn’t it? When that happens, how do you feel?

These are some of the questions that will help you. Write down your feelings and emotions as you answer them. As I mentioned, everyone is unique and it will be more useful if you find what inner peace means to you. If you need help, feel free to contact me personally.

Finding Inner Peace

Assuming that you now understand what it means to have inner peace. Your task is much simpler now. From here onwards, you want to be able to find the inner peace (that you found in the above section) within the trading environment.

The first place to start that is by going through your trading journal (assuming you have one). By going through every trade that you have in the past, you are trying to identify which are the trades that you felt most comfortable, confident and satisfied.

For example, if I were to look at the trades that I used to take on the 5 min chart in EURUSD, I would be certain that I was emotionally uneasy and there was definitely no inner peace within me. On the flip side, if I were to move to trades on a larger timeframe and if I had taken a trade that completely met all my trading rules, I would be able to find inner peace when taking that trade. And that is the type of trades that I want to be taking from here onwards.

Taking Time Out

Now that you know which trades gives you more peace than others, it would only make sense to take time out to analyse them in detail. Some traders fail to understand that he/she needs to be patient when analysing themselves. Some traders that I’ve spoken to tried to do this while looking at the market. If it fine if you are able to compartmentalise your emotion and able to control how you feel when you watch the market. Unfortunately, many new traders struggle in this area. Hence, if is advisable to isolate these activities by doing it one at a time.

More importantly, some of you might not understand the idea of “trading with inner peace” immediately, keep practising and keep trying because you will get there sooner or later. This I can promise you.

Thriving to Execute at Peace

Practicing TradesOnce you know which trading rules will give you the inner peace that you’re looking for, make sure to clarify those rules. Keep it simple and make it easy to execute. You want to be able to repeat those executions at all times. The beauty of this process is that you are very likely to (1) truly belief in the rules and (2) be able to execute it with little or no emotions.

Of course, this is on the assumption that you have been practising this system for some time. Like driving a car, you need to have driven the car for a substantial amount of time before it becomes an unconscious activity. If you have not achieve this, don’t worry. In fact, as long as you feel comfortable with those rules, you can start trading them on a smaller account and fine tuning those rules until they become an unconscious activity.


Like it or not, trading the financial market is not an adrenaline focused activity. If you want those adrenaline rushes, go do something else. Trading success comes when the trader is completely at peace in his/her conscious and unconscious actions. Lastly, make sure to take time out to review and evaluate your inner peace.

Hope you like this article, if you have any questions, please feel free to post them below or message me here.





  • shiva prasad mb

    February 7, 2014

    Great article.I cannot agree more with you as my journey has been very similar to you with learnings as well. I was trying to conquer the market from the outside thinking that solution to my problems was outside and it look more than 2 years to realise that the market is not different than me and I will have to conquer myself and not the market.Now I am at peace with myself as I have been meditating for more than a year now. The emotions and feelings which basically are energies stored inside us, which one can call karma as well are not easy to conquer or rid off.This is the reason why only 2% of the people trading are successful.Learning is easy but unlearning is the difficult part.When one is ruled by their emotions, one is under the affect of karma and one does not have the free will, which basically translates to the fact that our actions are already determined unconsciously before even one is aware of them consciously.One can attain inner peace by burning the karma/emotions, which can be achieved in many ways and one of the ways is mentioned here is by trading enough, so that it becomes your second nature or gets into your subconscious .

    • Alwin Ng

      February 8, 2014

      Wow.. Thank you for sharing you experience here.. And congrats on finding inner peace through meditation 🙂

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