Making Leap Changes in Trading


Repeating what you have been doing before, will definitely get you the results you had before.”

While this may be a good thing if you are already performing well, it can stop those of you who are still struggling from getting better as a trader wherever you are today.

Hello traders, hope you are well.

As I celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, this is another opportunity (within 2 months since the New Year break) to review and re-evaluate my goals ahead. More importantly, to remind myself to think OUT OF THE BOX in order to achieve the goals with the confidence and certainty.

Because, during the recent Christmas/New Year (of 2016) break, I had some moments of quiet reflection and I made a decision to break new barriers again this year. My trading fund is going well and I have set out 30th June 2016 to publish my results before I seek investors. I have also created new coaching and mentoring programs for traders that will make an impact in the trading industry.

Making Changes Happen

Of course, it all starts off with having the right attitude of knowing that you can achieve your goals. And, putting emotions into your goals are crucial too. However, the critical ingredients that I need to make changes happen include:

  • Changing my perspective of the challenge/problem
  • Changing the way I create a solution, and
  • Changing my limiting beliefs of what I can achieve


Let’s be very clear here. If you are DEAD SERIOUS about having changes, do you think you need to be dead serious about taking actions? Do you think a simple acknowledgement of my article here will be sufficient? Or do you think you need to genuinely take some time out to plan your work?

I don’t know… but my guess is that a simple acknowledgement might not be sufficient, especially if you have been trying to work on breaking new barriers for a long time.

You see, for me to grow my coaching business, I had no choice but to do things that I have not done before. In the coaching business, I went out creating events at and that was a completely new experience for me. While I only had one turn up in London, it was a positive start (hey, I could have had zero turn ups) and a new beginning for me. Hence, I took it very positively.

And it is not stopping there.

Since then, I continued to meet traders and to understand the things that will make great impact on their trading. The more I speak to traders, the more I know what they need. In turn, the clearer I am on the products that will benefit traders.

Reading between the lines, it means I had to find new ways to understand traders before I can grow TYE further.

And that’s because, if you want different results, you have to try doing the same thing differently.

Thinking Differently

Now, here’s an interesting area where many traders might struggle to grasp. In fact, many do not just struggle but they are reluctant to think differently. Nonetheless, do make an effort to think about my question:


Have you ever wondered what is it that you DON’T already KNOW, which when you know it, it can help IMPROVE your trading results DRAMATICALLY?

While you think about that, let’s look at a recent buzz in the entertainment / therapy world.

Christ Jones

Chris Jones is a Hypnotist and he is probably very good at what he does already. However, he participated in America’s Got Talent 2015 and was able to showcase his ability to temporarily remove an Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) from Howie Mandel, one of the judges.

According to a US government health website, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common, chronic and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over.

More interestingly, OCD is typically treated with medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two. However, Chris did it in a few minutes. Want to know what happened? Watch the video.



Interesting isn’t it? Can you see how Chris (or any professionally trained hypnotist) could have helped Howie Mandel removed it so quickly?

Of course, many people who are not familiar to hypnosis would have been shocked. And some sceptic would have wondered if this was a fabricated performance despite it being a live broadcast. In order to verify their facts, they interviewed Howie on public television – watch here.

Creating Leap Results

Still surprised by what Chris has done? Well, great!! That’s because that’s the feeling you should have when you make leap changes.

And I am not referring to the work Chris did on OCD. What I am referring to, is the feeling that something OUT OF THE BOX has happened. It was an unconventional way of removing OCD but it was not something new. More importantly, it made a significant and positive impact on Chris’ career. According to this website, Chris Jones’ career changed overnight.

Was that life changing? Probably yes.

And that is exactly what I’m trying to share today. For people who are suffering from OCD and have not met a hypnotist, you DID NOT KNOW that a hypnotist could help you. In fact, hypnosis seems to be able to do the job within minutes.

Likewise, in trading, what is it that you DON’T already KNOW, which when you know it, it can help IMPROVE your trading results DRAMATICALLY?

In order to make a leap changes in your results, you have to make a leap changes in the way you think about trading too. And when you do that, you probably will also experience similar OUT OF THE BOX feelings. The feeling of knowing that something amazing is about to happen.


Note: And if you haven’t found an OUT OF THE BOX solution, can I suggest that you try coaching with me. That should be something new for some of you now.


Making Leap changes in trading requires you to do things that you’ve not done before. It’s a scary idea but that’s much better than doing the same thing over and over again, but getting bad results. Agree?

Well, if you do, then go take some time out and have a think about the sharing today.

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