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Hi All,

Firstly, thank you very much to my friend, Etienne Crete, from www.DesireToTrade.com who kindly interviewed me and shared the podcast to his listeners. Make sure to check out his site for more audios and interviews.

Interesting thing that happened during the interview was that I realised that I miss sharing good trading information and I really love helping people who are inspired to make changes through trading. 2015 has been a busy year for me in non-trading activities and I hope to get back into the swing of things.

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Meanwhile, as mentioned in the podcast, I really love my workbook and the 30 Day Trading Transformation is for  traders who wants to make changes in the way the trade the market (any market and not just the forex market).

In fact, I recently had a question from a trader who asked me: What’s the difference between the 30 Day program and the “The Trading Psychology Booster“, here is my answer to him:

The skeleton for both the books are roughly the same and that’s because the 30day program is an updated version of the booster. However, I rewrote the 30 day program after I completed my NLP and Hypnosis training. I genuinely wanted a better version of the booster, hence, I re-wrote it to include the unconscious behaviours that exist in traders, and that includes the belief systems (one of the most fundamental problem with most traders is hidden in the belief system) and a way to calibrate it for each individual. That means, while every trader is unique, you can still use the book and understand yourself at a more matured level.


Anyway, hope that makes sense. Hope you’ll enjoy the podcast and happy trading!!

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