“Practicing Gratitude” Explained

Practicing gratitude should be made a life long habit for many people. In my humble opinion, this is especially important for market traders.

Like it or not, the art of giving gratitude has helped my personal life (and trading) tremendously, and I hope today’s video would be one that can make at least a small but positive impact in your trading too.

In line with managing your trading emotions (click here), I hope this video – by Dr. Joe Dispenza – would give a detailed explanation of how giving gratitude can help you achieve what you want in life, and more.

Some of you might find the explanation somewhat “out of this world”. Yes, it’ll be something like that. With that, just watch with an open mind (or ears) and see what you’ll get out of it.

Note: This video is roughly 55 minutes. While some of the explanations are detailed and somewhat technical, make sure to absorb as much as you can. If you need to, watch it more than once.

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