Learning To Trade

Trading is a journey and it's rarely a smooth one. I completely understand that because that was my journey too. And that's why I've put in huge amount of energy to create some of the world's best trading courses and materials for different stages of trading.

Whether you are new to trading, looking to advance in your existing system, or you're in a "stuck" situation and needing some ideas on how to change things, I can definitely point you in the right direction.

I would recommend going through some of the entry level programs before venturing into the "advanced" programs. That's important for you to be able to fully grasp the ideas and concepts I have for you, and I don't want to introduce advanced ideas and paradigms without you having a strong basic understanding first.

If you feel overly eager to make money, then consider investing in a managed account first. So that you can focus on learning and not get overly affected by the losses.

Moving forward, if you have an idea of the next product we should put together, please let me know as I'm always looking for a better way to serve you and your current needs.

Hi Alwin,

After taking your course I felt more confident in trading now. Your course is so attractive that once I started I just kept going till the very end without much delay! The contents are easy to understand because you present them in such a logical way. You teach how to trade rather than introducing some software for trading! There are many books and courses on forex available in the market, but I believe yours is one of the best.

Most importantly you have a good heart helping others making money.

Many thanks

Eng Ong, Sydney, Australia

Thank's Alwin.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the course too, have been studying trading for a little while now and your course has already clearly explained numerous things I was previously unsure of.

Same goes for both your Pullback and Price Action books too, which are how I came across your course initially.

Thanks again


Gary Allen, London, United Kingdom

Courses & Materials

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.​

fade-leftfade-rightTrading Books & eBook

An Introduction to Reading Price Action

Did you know that the financial market is a war zone? It's a war between buyers & sellers, and they are constantly battling with each other to take the lead.

Using the idea of a war zone, this is how I read Price Action and how I interpret the prices in the financial market. Because, I realised that, essentially, price and price action is nothing more than the action and reaction of PEOPLE in the marketplace.

If you understand how these people are thinking in the "battle" and how they are strategising in the market place, then all you need to do is to find the market leader and just follow them.

(This is an general and basic level book, suited for everyone.)

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The Secrets of Trading the First Pullback

Did you know that the financial market moves in repeatable patterns? Did you know that there are some patterns that are easier to pick than others? And you only have to learn to pick the right ones and that will help achieve success rapidly.

If you want to know more, then this book is for you.

You see, Market Pullbacks are price action and also a market "routine". Essentially, the idea is that the market never moves in a straight line. If you belief in that, then understanding the Pullback is easy.

Get your copy of The Secrets of Trading the First Pullback – an organised and structured approach to analysing the market. Because Market Pullbacks are just in front of you.

(This is a general and basic level book, suited for everyone.)

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fade-leftfade-rightTrading Courses

Market Apprentice

Have you thought of learning to trade on your own comfort? Where you can learn the tools to trade the financial market at your own pace and convenience?

What if you could learn to trade and still maintain your day job? Only leaving it once you see consistent income? While Financial Freedom requires effort, sometimes, there is only very little risk involved.

This is what Market Apprentice is about. An online learning school where you can learn to trade the financial market where ever you are connected. Because all the courses are already online, you only learn when you are available.

(There are basic and intermediate level programs suited for everyone.)

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Trading Education

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The Trading
Psychology Booster

Are you struggling to have a trading plan that can help you maximise your trading? Do you want to create a routine based on your own schedule?

If yes, this is the self-coaching workbook for you.

Traders forget why they started trading the financial market and they forgotten that they have a choice on how they want to trade it. This workbook is to help you refresh your memory and, more importantly, to align your goals and daily routines into your trading plan.

(This is an intermediate level programs suited for everyone.)

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30 Day
Trading Transformation

Did you know that you, a trader, can better control your trading through a solid trading plan? And I'm not just talking about your trading system.

This workbook will help you calibrate, not just your goals and lifestyle, but also your personal beliefs, your market beliefs, your system beliefs and the emotions that comes along with it - creating a trading plan that is truly yours.

Note that this is an extended version of The Trading Psychology Booster and much more.

(This is suitable for traders with more than 12 months trading experience.)

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