Trading Any Where in the World

Trading in Porto

There are endless benefits of trading the Forex market but, this week, I’ve made the first step of making a dream into reality – Trading Any Where in the World (provided there’s decent internet connection which is not hard these days)

After a few invitation to visit my trading buddy (and good friend), I took the offer and flew to Porto, Portugal for a week. Fortunately for me, my friend’s past life was an architect with extreme attention-to-detail and he created his own version of a 5-Star Holiday Villa – his apartment was amazing, period!!


Throughout the week, both of us were exchanging ideas on Trading as well as Non-Trading related topics. We both agreed that the prospect of trading will be a quantum leap to our lifes and we just can’t wait to get there. The following was what we did on Thursday and it definitely sounds like an ideal lifestyle for many.

  • 8-12noon Trading the market at the first 5 minutes of every hour and waiting for good set ups. Discussing potential business opportunities or just reading a book in between.
  • 12 noon – 2pm Lunch in town
  • 2pm Cash in on profits from the morning  😀
  • 2-5pm Enjoying the Sun at the beach

Waalaa!!! Not too bad indeed…


If you have a dream, don’t stop chasing it. And make sure to TAKE THE FIRST STEP in the pursuit of happiness.


Thank you and have a good weekend.





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