Trading Changes through Inspiration or Desperation

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We all want to become better traders, better business owners, better friends, better partners or even just a better individual. In fact, many of us just want to become better at what we do. However, saying it and doing it is a totally different thing isn’t it?

As you are probably aware, we go through different phases of change throughout our lives. Some go through changes much faster than others, and some go through it slower. However, while some of us are growing, there are some of you who are still completely STUCK as well.

And by stuck, I mean you have remained in the same position as if you have just started trading yesterday – you have the same trading and emotional account even though you have been trading for a very long time. Some of you might even be losing financially and it’s happening in a slow and gradual manner. And for others, you don’t even realise what is happening, you want to improve but you just don’t know how.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Because everyone of you have the ability to become successful traders, don’t be despair if you are one of them. More importantly, it is useful to realise that it can also start by first having the awareness of how changes happen, before it happens.

And if you really want to know more of how changes happen, then today’s article is for you. I hope to make a few things clearer to help you move forward, especially in trading. With that, let’s discuss a few key concepts that you may like.


Who do you inspire to be when you grow up?

Sounds familiar? Of course it does, that’s because this is a classic question that most of you get asked in your early education. In case you haven’t realised, that is also a good starting point for most people to build or gain inspiration, is it not?

Think about it, the idea is simple. Your teacher (or anyone for that matter) wanted you to be inspired by the role models in our society so that you would be driven towards a certain goal or direction. It could be any role models from the neighbourhood like the policeman, the fireman, the pilot, the engineer or even the doctor, and this would in turn motivate you in your education and career goals.

When you become inspired, that became the first seed planted in you which then created your first dream or goal.

Did the idea follow through in the long run? Yes, for some, and No, for others. However, that’s not the main point. Whether they achieve their dreams or not, the key transformation happened when they were motivated to move forward – even if the person’s dreams or goals changed later on.

And as long as you start moving forward, those seeds were already bearing fruits, and that’s because you have already created positive changes.

That means, having inspiration is an important element to making changes. To be inspired, it means you can create a long or short term goals already. And the same inspiration will also help fuel the motivation in you to start taking action.


desperationWell, for changes to happen, the opposite scenario is also effective.

The next element that can help you make changes in your trading is what we call a situation of Desperation. Unlike Inspiration (which has a positive connotation), Desperation usually only happens during unfavourable conditions or events.

Like it or not, this is another situation where many unsuccessful traders find their turning point and end up becoming successful in their trading career.

Does that ring a bell? If not, try this.

Remember the last time you heard about the trader who blew several trading accounts before he turned over a new leaf to became a pro trader? Or remember hearing tales of failed individuals who were sick and tired of their life and, for the sake of survival, changed to become very successful traders?

I’m sure you have because most traders go through multiple failures before they succeed. While this is not a desirable option, it is one that’s works.

However, there is a slight tweak to that.

While failing is a great way to succeed, it is not the failure that matters. In fact, some traders fail and give up – they stop trading completely. In my opinion, it is the HUNGER to avoid failure that will truly help you make drastic and impactful positive changes.

And that, to me, is true Desperation.

As you can imagine, when you want something badly, that’s when you really work your way towards it. Alternatively, when you don’t want something badly, that’s when you really work your way away from it. This is inline with the 2 motivation theory I shared in the past.

What Happens In Between?

Now that you understand Inspiration and Desperation, you also understand the two extremes of what helps you and me make changes. Most traders become successful in either category.

The question is – what happens when you’re in neither of them?

As a trainer and coach, the easiest conclusion I can make about people who are in between is that they don’t usually move anywhere. Hence, I use the work STUCK. And that’s when most traders remain at the same place.

You might ask why is remaining at the same place a bad thing? The truth is, it’s not. The good thing is, when you’re here, you don’t get worse. Sadly, the biggest problem (when nothing happens) is that you don’t move forward and you don’t move backwards. You can become comfortable (sometimes called the comfort zone) too but when you are too comfortable, you become resistant to changes.

The next problem is that the environment continues to change with or without you. And when you’re resistant to changes, you’re left behind and you become complacent.

And that usually remains the same until (and that’s if) you become inspired or desperate. Hope that make sense?

Making Changes Today

Start NowAfter reading the entire article, some of you might still be at lost and may not know what to do immediately. If you’re the one of them and you really want to start moving forward, then read and remember this:

The Greatest Inspiration is Born Out of Desperation

If you have been stuck for a very long time, make sure to find new ways to get inspired. Find new ways to move out of your comfort zone – set new goals, go new places, talk to new people, do new things. It doesn’t matter how or what you do, just keep trying new ways. The key is to get DESPERATE in finding Inspiration.

And once you find new inspiration, emotionalise your dreams and goals (see related article) and then take massive actions towards them.


If you are stuck and you genuinely want to achieve trading success, then learn to make necessary changes. Changes can be easy. However, learn to find the triggers that you need, whether it’s through inspiration or desperation, both would work fine. Until then, you may remain stuck unnecessarily.

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me any questions below.



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