Trading is about Getting IT Right

Getting It Right

I have been away for several weekends developing myself and equipping myself with new skills in the area of coaching. During those training, I embarked in a new journey of realisation – the realisation is that it is actually very easy to achieve goals and it is easy no matter how big the goal is.

With that, today’s article is about getting IT right because when you get it right, you can achieve what ever goal or dreams that you desire easily and effortlessly.

Trading is Not just about the Money

Let’s be honest here because this is the part where many new traders fail to comprehend. Many new traders have ventured into this career for sole purpose of financial wealth. Of course that’s normal, in fact, even for me, that was how it all started. However, I think many people forget that they are working to become traders and not gamblers. Many traders are money minded and only focus on the $ Dollar gains or lost.

If you agree, then you can realise that there is something missing in your trading career and that has nothing to do with your technical skills or money, can you not? Because beyond learning the technical skills for the sake of money, there is a gap that you truly want to fill. Since there is a gap, then you now know that the gap has nothing to do with money or technical skills. Sooner or later, you will get IT right, and when that time comes, you will agree with me that technical skills for the sake of money is just a stepping stone to greater success.

Hence, let’s not move beyond the view of financial wealth and look at trading the market in a more holistic view.

Getting IT Right

Getting It Right 2So, you’re probably wondering, what is IT about? I have been talking IT for awhile now and I’ve deliberately not mentioned anything about IT. For you to identify what IT is about, I would like to invite you to look beyond the monetary gain of your trading system and take a step back to identify what is not going as well as you want to?

Before you read any further, I would like to ask you to pause for a moment to truly ask yourself, what is the one thing that you need to do now… that you would not imagine yourself doing before… that you can do, which will make you better than what you were before reading this now? That thing that you can do now… that if you were in the future and looking back at now… would make you successful… just because you will do it better… now?

Once you’ve identify that one thing, there is the IT that you are looking for.

Some may ask, is this a not a straight forward question? No it’s not but I have deliberately formulated it so that you’ll think hard about it. Because, while it’s a challenging question, you will find that it’s easier and easier to identify the answer as you read the question over and over again.

Some Suggestions

Well, if you have thought about it enough. Then you might want to consider the following possibilities of what IT might be.


Some of you might have a bad relationship with money and, hence, have always been trying to find more of it. Since this negative emotion does have a tendency to cause unnecessary stress or negative trading behaviour, it is only wise not to think about trading in relation to money. Once you stop thinking about money, you will start focusing on the technical of trading.

More importantly, it will become harder and harder to access fear and you will gain more and more control of what you need to become successful.


If you are a perfectionist, I think it’s worth taking a change of that habit. While having the need to be right and perfect all the time, it does not work in this industry. No body knows what the market will do and when it’ll do it. Hence, being perfect (in that context) will dramatically really hold you back from being profitable in the longer term because a professional trader does not intent to win all the time.

Instead, I would like to invite you to consider building a trading system that would accommodate losing trades and would still be considered a perfect system to you. In other words, build a system that will maximise the probability to your favour and your schedule.

Trading System

Getting System RightThe other possibility is that you don’t trust your trading system enough. You see, when I started trading the market, I learnt a system that was tested and proven by other people. I later realised that I consciously acknowledge that it was. However, deep inside me, something was still bugging me and I realised that I have not truly trusted the trading system yet because it was not part of my own belief yet.

Nonetheless, I eventually realised that through constant practice and review, I finally came to terms, not just with my conscious belief, but with deep subconscious belief.


The 3 suggestions above are only suggestions that you might find useful. The truth is, only you will know what IT is and only you will know what you need to do. I honestly invite you to take some time to think about the questions I’ve posted about because once you find what is IT that is holding you back, once you get IT right, profits will truly flow into your trading account easily and effortlessly.


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