Trading Patience Pays Handsomely

Fruit of Labour Trade Your Edge

Two days ago, I was asked to help out in the family garden – to wrap some of the mangos that could potentially end up being wiped out by some passing pest.

Trust me, if you have a fruit garden you would understand the importance of it protecting your fruits. More importantly, as I looked at the trees in the garden which my parents planted 5-7 years ago, I now clearly understand what is meant by “Fruits of One’s Labour”.

As I write this article, the mango tree that you see (picture above) is now 6 years old. If you were to look at it carefully, you can see newspapers all over it. That’s because each newspaper is wrapping a new fruit. Haha.. Yes, there are plenty of them and it’s pretty amazing as you can easily spot 10 or more new mangos. Apart from the mangos, our coconut tree and papaya tree (not shown) are also harvesting abundantly, giving us a fat return on our investment.

Interestingly, that was NOT the case 2 years ago.

In fact, it was about 2 years ago when my dad nearly chopped that mango tree to plant a new one. He was getting impatient as it was not bearing any fruit – it was like nil, zero and nothing at all. Fortunately, we persuaded him to keep it.

While this is nothing to the average person, the idea of being patient meant that my family can now enjoy the fruits without the trouble of buying imported mangos that are very inflated (price). It was a crucial decision that was made which caused a major knock-on effect.

Patience Pays Handsomely

Can't Run

In the context of Trading, some of you reading this now might be getting impatient too? Are you not?

Some of you are struggling to find your trading edge still and some of you might have found it already but you are not sure if that’s the one yet. And there are some of you who might consider giving it all up.

That does sound a bit like my dad when he wanted to chop down the mango tree, doesn’t it?

I’m sure it does. However, be assured that you are not alone in this. Trading is not an average career and you do not really have a reliable point of reference when things go wrong (unless you have already engaged with a mentor or coach). In fact, trading is not even a career because it is just a tool where you can build financial wealth and there are many things that are unconventional.

For example, many traders don’t even realise that the trading system is only a 20% of the success factor. If you are one of them, don’t be despair. Let go of the past and focus of what you can learn today instead.

Starting from today (because everyday is a new day), focus on being patient. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about being patient without a purpose or goal, because that’s really just procrastination. What I am talking about here is to have patience and constantly moving in the right direction.

Imagine this, do you think we could have seen the plentiful mangos hanging on the tree if my dad had cut the tree? Do you think we would be happy today, if he had been impatient? Likewise, do you think you can enjoy financial freedom as a Profitable trader if you give up today?

Most definitely not. Why? Because Patience is a great investment and it usually pays back very handsomely. As the saying goes “The trees that are slow to grow bear the BEST fruit”.

Law of Requisite Variety

Would you believe me if I were to have told you that it took my dad many attempts before we got the right coconut tree that is bearing the most fruit today?

That’s right.

My dad had planted 5-6 trees in our area and only 2 are bearing fruits today. However, each of them bears about a few hundred coconuts each in a trees life span.

In the last round of our harvest, we had about 30+ coconuts that were ready for consumption. And these were only hand picked because they were ripped. Many young coconuts were still on the tree waiting for the next round to be plugged. And this goes on for a few years.

So, be very flexible in what you plan to do in planting or in Trading because this is the law of requisite variety from systems theory.

It means the person with the most options and behavioural choices will control the system. In any field, the top people in that field are those who have the most variety in their behaviour. They have choices of behaviour that their colleagues don’t.

Any time you limit your choices you give others the competitive edge. On the other hand, if you’re able to respond to any situation, you are more likely to get your outcome.

Seeing is Believing


Many people give up half way as they are nearly approaching their goals. Thankfully, my dad kept the tree. And that’s often the problem – many people only belief in what they are doing if they see results, either from themselves or from the people around them.

So what happens if you don’t have a trader friend who is already successful? What if you don’t have a community of traders who are there to support you? Does that mean you are going to give up? I hope not.

Seeing the results of my garden and how my dad is harvesting from the trees. I will definitely do the same in the future. Why am I so certain it in? Because I believe in it wholeheartedly.

Likewise, for traders to become successful, find NEW ways you can increase your belief. If possible, go hang around traders who are already successful or go find a community of traders who can support each other.

Of course, sometimes it’s challenging because successful traders don’t hang around doing nothing. They spend time travelling or doing what they love – just enjoying the fruits of their own labour. Hence, I strongly encourage learning traders to find a coach or mentor who can lift you up when days are not so bright.

That’s a great alternative to grow rapidly.


Gardening, trading as well as many activities in life requires us to be patient. However, do it with the right guidance and make sure you are always moving forward in the right direction.

Anyway, I hope this set as a great reminder to you reading this now.

Be Patient, Be Flexible and Belief in What You’re Doing.


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