Trading Zone – A Space for Extra Ordinary Results


Getting into Trading Zone

There are days when your trading is good and there are days when your trading is not as good. It’s not like you changed your rules neither have your change your trading charts or market. However, trading is just not as consistent as you want it to be.

Ever wonder why and how that can happen? I’m sure you have, have you not?

Well, I can’t say I know it all but I do think there are some areas where we can improve and that can dramatically change the way we trade the market. Personally, I believe to relates to ones ability to enter our trading zone, and that should happen immediately before we take our trades.

In the past, I shared my views on how we can learn from Tiger Woods, that’s because he is one of many sportsmen who enters his zone before he takes his golf swing. In fact, this is a common practice amount sportsman and the other example includes Andy Murray (a professional tennis player) who remains in his zone throughout his game as he fully focuses on his match.

With that, today I want to look at how we, as trader, can find ways to enter our own trading zone and to examine various ways in how we can access our zone EASILY. Remember that everyone has a zone within them already, it’s not about creating a new one but it’s about making sure you can find it when you need it, right before you use it.

Understanding Your Zone

I think the greatest misconception is that a trading zone is not something that we need to create. And that’s because, as mentioned above, there is nothing to create.

Not sure what I’m referring to? Well, read on.

You see, everyone has a space within themselves where they can access special powers in order to produce extra ordinary results. This is where winning beliefs are built and where trading changes happen. However, this is also a unique place that is only accessible by us, the owner of that space. While many are not aware of this space, those who do, consistently use it wherever and whenever they want positive things to happen.

Mind you, what ever I’m sharing now goes beyond the realms of trading. For example, some people enter their zone right before they enter an examination hall, they enter the zone to pick up all the useful memories and knowledge they need for the exam. Others use it when they are about to make a speech, and there are people who use it at work to create amazing results, artist use it to create master pieces of art work. And the list goes on.

By now, I think you get the picture.

If you don’t, watch this video and see how Andy Murray responded when asked about what happened during his match.

Noticed he said this (at 2.55 minute): “I’ve got no idea what happened….I really don’t know what happened, I don’t know how long that last game was,  but… I don’t know….I can’t even remember, I’m sorry, …..I was concentrating..”

So before you proceed to read more, have a think about your own experiences. When was the last time you entered and had access to your own zone? When was the last time you produced extra ordinary results, and what happened right before you did it?

Learning How to Access it

Now that you understand what a zone is, the next thing you should learn is to figure out how you can access it. More importantly, how you can access it before you place a trade. For some, you might even want to remain in the zone until you are out of the trade.

Of course, one of the ways to do it is by having a good trading routine. However, a good routine is only the starting point, do not to stop there after you established a good routine.

This is important because your routine will give you the framework that you need before you can take advantage of your own strengths and leverage on your weakness. This is something that I discussed in the 30 Days Trading Transformation and this is an area where I strongly encourage traders to take time out to explore.

daydreaming-studentGetting access into your zone also requires some form of extreme concentration.

Remember what Andy Murray said when asked to recall his game? He was so focused that he could not remember consciously what happened to him in the court. In hypnosis, this is known as a Hyperfocus (this is also used in hypnotherapy to help resolve strong emotional issues).

While this sounds really fancy, the truth is, it is nothing more than a state of mind with extreme focus. Sometimes, it looks as though the person is day dreaming. And the trader is dreaming of how he can take the trade through mental visualisation as well as rehearsal in the dream.

Does that make more sense now? I hope it does.

Learn to Make it Better

Here’s something that you probably don’t realise. The fact that you are already trading the financial market, it means that you are already capable of getting access to your zone.

Think about it, the fact that you signed up to either a trading course, a trading book or a trading program, you had to enter your zone to make a decision. That’s right, you had access to your zone right before you could consciously agree and accept that decision.

If you have traded in the past, it also means you have been there. But, just to be clear, although you have been in the zone before, it doesn’t mean you were in the right zone. It just means that you are capable of doing it. Now, all you need to do is to adjust and add the details to it to make it BETTER.

Wondering what I’m talking about? Let’s try this.

Imagine you were at home and you were about to place a trade now. I want you to see yourself (through your own eyes) preparing to take a long trade in any of your favourite market but you are only preparing and you are not taking the trade yet.


If yes, then I want you to imagine reading out your own rules, you can read it either from your computer, your notes or even a board. You are now checking your rules and making sure that you fully understand your own rules. 

And when you are ready, place the trade.

Can you see how you have already entered a zone, rehearsed your rules and got ready to place a trade? While this is a scripted or artificial zone, it is a simple example nonetheless. And the part where you improved your trading experience was where I told you to read your trading rules before taking a trade.

Reading your rules before taking a trade is just a simple improvement, now that you know what I mean, you can add anything you want in your zone including playing a calm music or writing (instead of reading) your rules. The final version is yours to choose.

So, using this as a starting point, be creative and think about what your zone should be? Ask yourself, “How can I make my zone better?”.


Lastly, be very clear that there is no right or wrong way of accessing your trading zone, anything that I suggested here are only used as guidance. That’s because that is YOUR SPACE and only you know where it is. Hence, if you are just starting out now, you might want to be open to being experimental about it.

The key point of this article is, (1) you should start to learn how to find your trading zone. Once you know how to, (2) think of ways to make it better.

Anyway, that’s all for now, thank you for reading and hope you find your zone soon. If you like the article of have any comments, make sure to post them below.



  • Ian Simpson

    August 23, 2014

    Hi Alwin
    Great article, as it can be so easy to get distracted and make one of those silly mistakes and help any emotional stress you may also be going through! The analogy to sport is spot on and may even help my own golf game!!

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