Weekly Trade Commentary: 23rd Sept 2012

Dear readers,

This week, for the first time, I will start writing a high level weekly commentary of what I’m looking at for the rest of the week.

The USD index looks over extended and last week, the index started a pullback which could potentially turn into a reversal. Most majors and minors seems decoupled at the moment, so I’ll likely put less weight on the USD index.

My watch list for this week is:

  • EURGBP – Long @0.796 hor level, this is also a Resistance turning into a Support. Also, a potential bounce off the trendline. See EURGBP Daily chart below.
  • GBPUSD – a high test bar short which is also a false breakout signal @1.630. Price is testing a level once reached in 04/2012.
  • AUDNZD – weekly trendline (tested in 10/2009, 7/2010, 8/2011, 4/2012), Will have to watch Price Action closely on this one.
  • Gold approaching the significant 1800 level, will look for Price Action for potential continuation or reversal setup


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Thank you for reading and happy trading week!

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